Stone Soup Leadership Institute

We develop educational tools, programs and Youth Summits to prepare young people to become leaders of a more sustainable world. We each have a “magic” stone and when we give our gifts we can change our lives and the world. learn more >

We bring young people from other initiatives to our annual Youth Leadership Summit on Martha’s Vineyard. Click below to visit the websites.

“Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes is a blueprint for building a better world. Its heroes are legendary people and ordinary folks who, by conviction, imagination, innovation, persistence, frequently hard work, and not infrequently moral or physical courage, have lifted their neighbors and their communities. They challenge each of us to respond in kind. It’s time to take action—and chart the course for our future.”-Walter Cronkite, from the introduction to the book

5th Annual Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony • August 5, 2014
At the former home of Walter Cronkite • Hosted by Karen and David Brush • Edgartown

Walter Cronkite: In Celebration of Heroes See all videos on our YouTube Channel >